Amanda Gress

Classes: General adult curriculum, general youth curriculum, watercolor and private lessons
From: Loveland, CO
Bio:Amanda Gress is a contemporary figurative artist working in Colorado. Educated at Laguna College of Art and Design, she received her BFA in 2005 and completed her MFA in 2008. Her classical training in both drawing and painting are rooted in historical techniques covering several mediums including oil paint, watercolor, and chalk pastel. Amanda is also a sculptor working with the human figure as her subject. Her work has been widely exhibited and collected throughout the western United States. Besides creating and exhibiting her work, Amanda has dedicated her time as an art instructor both privately and academically for the past nine years. After living and working in the Los Angeles area for 15 years exhibiting her art and teaching, she now resides back in her hometown of Loveland, Colorado with her husband and son.
“My art work focuses primarily on the human figure. By incorporating figures into domestic environments, I aim to capture quiet and seemingly mundane moments, but ones that also imply contemplative narratives for both the subjects in the paintings and the audience. The themes of the work are based on observations of people engaged in activities of devotion and self-reflection. The conceptual approach in creating these works is inspired by experiences from my everyday life situations. I am inspired by people that I meet, their stories, hardships, whatever it is that they are going through; I try to capture these moments in a choreographed scene. I want the viewer to see my work and to experience an emotion or to be able to respond to what is happening in the scene. Most of all I want people to interact with the art, drawing their own conclusions about the narrative, coming up with their own story as to what the piece is about.”