Schissler Academy of Fine Art
Certificate of Studio Arts Program

Certificate Courses
Schissler Academy Studio Arts Certificate Program is a two-year comprehensive, focused studio study that covers the following disciplines and techniques:

Drawing I & II – Choose an Elective 
Color Theory
                  Color Mixology 101
                  Color Mixology 201
                  Using a Limited Palette
                  Color Relationships
                  Perspective I, II & III
Advanced Value Studies
Human Anatomy for Artists
Art History
Digital Photography for Artists
Portfolio Preparation
Conservation Framing
Art Submission for Exhibition, Competition & Gallery
Artist Web Site Creation
Study in all Classical Mediums
                  Oil Painting I, II& III
                  Watercolor I, II& III
                  Pastel Painting
                  Conte Crayon
                  Pen & Ink

*If you have already taken any of the above courses through Schissler Academy
you will not be required to take them again
This two-year course allows artists or serious students to study in the many classical disciplines. 
We believe each artist is unique and our goal is to find each student’s passion in three key areas:
With so many techniques and mediums available it is important for artists to explore them all.  In the process of this exploration the artist is honing his observational skills.  At the conclusion of this two-year study the students prepare for the professional art world by building their own portfolio, web site and framed completed works as well as submitting their work for competitions, exhibits and galleries. 
The first of the two-year course begins September 6, 2017, with a summer break from June through August 2018.  The classes resume September 2018 and then conclude with graduation May of 2019. Classes are held two and three full days per week during the school year and home work will be assigned. 
Students will be required to have a home studio or a studio space in which to work when not at the academy.  All supplies will be provided by the student.  Schissler Academy will not provide art supplies.
The prerequisite for this certificate course is the Foundational Studies Courses – Basic Line Drawing, Tone Studies and Simple Color Theory.  Students will need to be able to work at least eighty percent of the time independently.This course requires a completed application for admission.  
Electives ​:
Advanced Drawing           Human Anatomy for Artists – 19 weeks
                                             Life Drawing  - Beginner - Advanced
Advanced Drawing           Botany
                                             Botanical Illustration
Advanced Drawing           Landscape Components I
                                                      Landscape Components II