Foundational Life Studies

The Academy's adult program begins with a series of still-life studies. These foundational still-life compositions help train the artists eye. These exercises teach the artist to see shapes, lights and darks, proportion and color. Every students ability level is assessed and a personalised program is developed for each student so we can help you meet your needs and goals. 

The Line Drawing Unit

The Tone & Value Unit

Tone and value refer to degrees of light. The proper use of tone / value  allows the artist to create a three dimensional object on a one dimensional surface.. The tone unit helps the artist  see with more clarity the values needed to produce a more realistic composition. These learned skills help produce a more compelling and life-like work of art. All materials for the value unit are provided by Schissler Academy.  

The Color Unit

Students receive a basic introduction to color theory. The techniques taught at the Academy help the student to see a wider range of colors allowing the student to achieve a true realism in their work.
All students will be required to purchase their own set of soft chalk pastels. Because of their qualities and ease of use they are the logical choice to start color. These pastels may be purchased in the store or any other venue you choose.

Drawing represents the most fundamental skill necessary in producing representational art. Studying drawing paves the way for more advanced compositions. Students taking the academy's drawing unit learn how to make quick, light sketches as they visually measure proportions and work from increasingly complex subjects. All line drawing materials are provided by Schissler Academy.